Oxygen Generator-Presentation

Oxygen Generator-Presentation

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Unformatted text preview: el Distribution and marketing expenses Distribution and marketing expenses Sales personnel expenses Basis for Estimate Rate or Quantity Assume visits 70% large hospitals = 175, only 3 day/ trip estimate, 35 trips/year Airfare $400/trip Hotel $100/trip per day Food $50/trip per day Rental Car / Gas $80 per day for rent and gas Total Sales Expenses per Year Advertising Assume high advertising from calculations Brochures DVD Mailing expenses Estimated $100,000 $1/brochure, send 50 to each hospital/year $8/DVD, send 10 to each hospital/year Assume 10lb per box at $20/box Total Adversing Expenses (high advertisement rate) Shipping 20 units shipped in first year from demand estimate $.3/kg, unit weight ˜ 16000kg Total Distribution and marketing expenses $14,000 $10,500 $5,250 $8,400 $38,150 $12,500 $20,000 $10,000 $42,500 $192,000 $272,650 T o ta l P r o d u c t C o s t fo r F irs t-Y e a r P r o d u c t: P re s s u r e S w in g A d s o r p tio n fo r L a r g e H o s p ita ls O p e ra tin g tim e d a y /y e a r E s tim a te d u n it s f a b ri c a te d /y e a r S ilic a G e l L iA g X Z e o lite S ilv e r Z e o lite A Q u ie t B a rr ie r N o is e P ro o f F o a m V in y l S id iin g V a ria b le P...
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