Oxygen Generator-Presentation

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Unformatted text preview: ta=.85 p1d 1 Price 150000 175000 200000 225000 250000 275000 300000 325000 350000 Y p1d 1 p2 p2 1 d1 Demand 291 202 140 98 69 50 36 27 20 0 Business Model Items now needed to find NPV Total Product Costs – – – – – – Raw Materials Variable Production Costs Administrative Costs Advertising Costs Distribution Costs Fixed Charges TCI Total Equipment Costs Business Model Total Product Costs per year Raw materials (depend on demand) Raw Materials Cost Silica Gel LiAgX Zeolite Silver Zeolite A Quiet Barrier Noise Proof Foam Vinyl Sidiing Basis for Estim te a $.22/100g quote 20 units sold in first year $.4/100g quote 20 units sold in first year $.4/100g quote 20 units sold in first year Quote: $361/sheet Quote: $1.6/sq ft Rate or Quantity 920 g 4130 kg 1230 kg 16 sheets to cover casing of unit 1400 sq ft to cover $ $20 $165,200 $49,200 $115,520 $44,800 Total Raw Materials Cost $214,420 Business Model Total Product Costs Variable Production Costs (utilities, supplies, maintenance) Variable Production Costs Utilities Electricity Water Basis for...
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