Oxygen Generator-Presentation

1 kg 02hrkg adsorbent can obtain 9642 oxygen purity

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Unformatted text preview: is approximately 1:1. AgA Zeolite Argon to Oxygen selectivity of 1.63 to 1 7 cm3/g of Argon adsorbed at atmospheric pressure Nitrogen to Oxygen selectivity of 5 to 1 0 FN 2 t L1 AN 1 2 1 AN 1 2 N N Equilibrium Adsorption Theory Competition between the different molecules on the adsorbent sites exists. – Langmuirian Multi-component Theory is used to determine the fractional loading of each component on the adsorbent Selectivity describes how selective one component is to bind to the adsorbent over another component 0 FN 2 t L1 AN 1 2 1 AN 1 2 N N Equilibrium Adsorption Theory Material Balances – – – Nitrogen Oxygen Argon 0 FN 2 t L1 AN 1 2 1 AN 1 2 N N Equilibrium Adsorption Theory For the adsorption bed to remove both Nitrogen and Argon the velocity ratio of the argon front must be greater than that of the nitrogen front Proposed Use of the Presented Technologies Proposed Use of Technology Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) will be used in the design for: – Medium scale capacity – Safety – Cost savings An analysis of 4 designs using zeolites LiAgX and AgA in the PSA adsorption beds was performed. The column diameter and cycle time was held constant. – Design 1 LiAgX zeolite – Design 2: AgA zeolite – Design 3: Mixed ratio of zeolites LiAgX and AgA ...
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