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2 12295 proposed design hospital column

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Unformatted text preview: lume of Column (L) Diam eter of Colum n (cm) Height of Column (cm) Total Loading of N2/O2/Ar per Column (kg) 4236 80 421 22 Proposed Design Hospital Final Components of Design Compressor (Palatek) Max Flow of Com pressor (CFM) Inlet Flow to be Compressed (CFM) Power Consumption (hP) 900 776 200 Silica Gel Drying Column Volum e (cm^3) Height (cm) Diam eter (cm ) Mass of Silica Gel (kg) 20291 65 20 12 Proposed Design Hospital Components Continued High Pressure Storage Tank Volume to be stored in 60 m inutes (L) Volume of stored air at 10 atm 92100 9210 Compressor for High Pressure Storage (Palatek) Inlet Flow to be Compressed (CFM) Max Flow of Compressor (CFM) Power Consumption (hP) 55 100 50 Proposed Design Hospital Important Results Purity of Air (LiAgX) Volum e of O2/Ar out of LiAgX Section Purity of Air (AgA) Vol. 99% Oxygen out of 1 Column/30 sec Volume 99% O2 out in 1 min Users Supplied at 5L/min Goals met: Producing 99% Oxygen Supply 300 users of oxygen at 5L/min! 96.42 1448 >99...
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