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Carbon nanotubes advantages nanotubes have little

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Unformatted text preview: r packing efficiency, smaller diameter, and entropic energies Research has shown that single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCN) of 12.53Å have a selectivity of O2/N2 of 100:1 at 10 bar. It has been indicated that Argon will have very little interaction with nanotubes Carbon Nanotubes Disadvantages Nanotubes are so efficient the volume of nanotubes required for separation of air is much smaller than the volume of feed air. – Nanotubes’ surface area is not large enough to react with the volume of air required. – No current way to disperse nanotubes effectively for PSA air separation Price range for nanotubes is $325 to $500 per gram Zeolites Microporous crystalline structures Lifespan of 10 years The zeolite’s structure governs which molecules are adsorbed. Various ways of controlling adsorption – separate molecules based on differences of size, shape and polarity Zeolites Ion Exchange: Metal cations (calcium, sodium, silver) are bound to the zeolite structure – Silver cation zeolites have be proven to be best for air separation Creates an electrostatic interaction between the cation ion and the molecules being adsorbed LiAgX Zeolite Useful for removing Nitrogen from Oxygen with product throughput .1 kg 02/hr/kg adsorbent. Can obtain 96.42% oxygen purity with 62.74% Oxygen recovery. Drawback is the selectivity of Argon to Oxygen...
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