Oxygen Generator-Presentation

Oxygen Generator-Presentation

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Unformatted text preview: ption for large hospitals. Proposed Design Hospital First calculate inlet air flow rate of air: Calculation of Inlet Flow Rate Recovery of Oxygen (LiAgX) (%) Recovery of Oxygen (AgA) (%) T otal Recovery of Oxygen (%) Assume 30 second Cycle T ime Oulet Oxygen needed for 300 users at 5L/min Oxygen Adsorbed per 2 columns (L) Inlet Oxygen (L/min) Inlet Air Mixture (L/min) 62.7 55.0 34.5 1500 2850 4350 21750 Proposed Design Hospital Adsorbent Results Inlet Air Mixture (L) Inlet Air Feed to each column (L) Flow rate air to each column (L/s) LiAgX Section of Column Product Throughput kg O2/h/kg adsorbent Total 96.42% Pure Oxygen f rom LiAgX Mass of LiAgX Zeolites (kg) AgA Section of Column Total Entering O2/Ar mixture (L) Product Throughput kg O2/h/kg adsorbent Mass of AgA Zeolites (kg) 21750.0 10875.0 362.5 0.1 2729.2 3303.0 1447.8 0.2 1229.5 Proposed Design Hospital Column Specifications Total Mass of Zeolites per Colum n (kg) Total Volum e of Zeolites per Column (L) 4532 4236 Column Data Vo...
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