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Y preference preference for frequency of maintenance

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Unformatted text preview: + 0.0278x + 0.724 Y(Ease of Use)= 0.0366x2 + 0.0227x - 0.0089 Y(Reliability)=0.0037x3 - 0.0796x2 + 0.5394x - 0.159 Y(Durability)=0.014x3 - 0.0475x2 + 0.0881x - 0.0037 Y(maintenance)=-0.0083x3 - 0.0607x2 - 0.1012x + 1.0036 H i wi yi Business Model Competitor (liquid oxygen) Noise Ease of Use Appearance Frequency of Maintenance Reliability Durability % Preference (yi) Preference/Characteristic (Hi) 0.930 0.163 0.950 0.140 0.580 0.065 0.360 0.066 0.900 0.185 0.760 0.135 0.753 Now found competitor H2 value can vary oxygen product to produce several new preference values H1 for different β values. 1 Y p1d1 (d1) p1d1 p2 d1 0 p2 Example Designs Design1 Design2 Design3 Design4 Design5 Design6 Beta Values 0.85 0.92 0.95 0.97 1.05 1.12 Business Model for Hospital Design Business Model Goals Determine β value that will maximize NPV at the best price for design. Determine the effect of varying α(knowledge) with time with a set β value. Business Model Determining P1 and D1: Example of prices and demands from consumer utility maximization with Be...
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