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Oxygen Production in the Moon-Executive Summary

Oxygen Production in the Moon-Executive Summary - OXYGEN IN...

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OXYGEN IN THE MOON EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The following report includes the results of a feasibility study on a process for lunar oxygen production. This work has shown that the development of a lunar oxygen production facility is possible within the constraints of current technology and resources available to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The oxygen production facility designed during this work was made to compliment the new space exploration initiative proposed by President George W. Bush. This new process was planned to be fully operational by the year 2015, the earliest year which the new space initiative proposed to begin maintaining a permanently manned lunar outpost. The oxygen production system, which is described in detail in the following report, was developed with the capability of sustaining the respiratory oxygen needs of 10 people. The production process was designed as a modular unit to ease future growth of the lunar outpost. For example, if the future finds the need to produce oxygen to be used as a fuel
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