Portable Oxygen Device-Abstract

Portable Oxygen Device-Abstract - An alternative pressure...

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Portable Oxygen Device Design: Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology Alternatives and Market Analysis Technical Report Submitted to: Dr. Miguel Bagajewicz University of Oklahoma School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering Capstone Design Project Spring 2005 Adam Bortka T. J. Chancellor Jon Demster Ashlee Ford Eli Kliewer Kara Shelden May, 2005
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1 1.0 Executive Summary A portable device that generates oxygen from air was designed and priced. The device produces a 5 liter per minute steady stream of 99.9% pure oxygen to individual patients. The device uses ceramic oxide membrane technology using BICUVOX membranes and is operated using a 12 V DC battery lasting 4 hours with 2 hours recharge time. The device is rectangular (16 in x 15.5 in x 13.9 in) weighing approximately 18 pounds. The cost estimate for the device is approximately $2500.
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Unformatted text preview: An alternative pressure swing adsorption device was also designed. The device can produce 5 liters per minute of 99% oxygen which can be used to fill portable oxygen canisters. The cost for building the device is estimated to be $4200. The device is about the size of a standard kitchen refrigerator and consumes approximately $75 of electricity per month. Polymer and cryogenic technologies were also considered. An economic analysis of the designed devices was performed. The selling price for the pressure swing tank re-filler is $18,500 with a total capital investment of $80 million and a net present worth of $105 million. For the membrane portable oxygen generator, the selling price is $11,000, the total capital investment is $133 million, and the net present worth is $166 million dollars....
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Portable Oxygen Device-Abstract - An alternative pressure...

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