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Evaluation of Energy Savings Claims of Progressive Distillation Daniel Dobesh, Jesse Sandlin, and Miguel Bagajewicz Executive Summary About 2% of the energy content of a crude oil stream is used in the distillation process. The concept of progressive distillation applied to crude fractionation was proposed as a better alternative to conventional schemes that have been around for more than 50 years. There are several unconventional distillation designs that have been developed over the last century that merit evaluation as to their potential in energy savings, especially considering recent increases in energy prices. One of these designs is progressive distillation. Progressive distillation is based on an expired Technip patent claiming that reductions in energy consumption are achieved. The now expired US patent no. 4,664,785 states that, “The process consists in successively separating increasingly heavy petroleum cuts at the head of a plurality of columns in [the primary sequence] which feed
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