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Refinery Operations Planning Andy Hill, Sarah Kuper, Sarah Shobe EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report is a refinery planning model to optimize crude purchasing and unit operations to meet an uncertain demand over a three month timespan while maximizing profit. The model involves seven typical refinery processes and a blending section. Each unit has been modeled off of existing correlations and kinetic data. An optimization model (run using GAMS/CPLEX) was used to best determine purchasing requirements and operating conditions. Six crudes were available for purchase: Oman (OM), Tapis (TP), Labuan (LB), Seria Light (SLEB), Phet (PHET), and Murban (MB). The product prices for each of the crudes is $27.40, $30.14, $30.14, $30.14, $25.08, and $28.19 per barrel, respectively. Two additives are also available, MBET and DCC, and are purchased for $44.13 and $35.01 per barrel, respectively. Product demands and prices vary over the three month timespan.
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