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Solar Reduction of CO 2 By: Oreofe Adesina, Kemi Harris, John Long, Amy Robertson, Shane Steagall Capstone Design Project- University of Oklahoma - Spring 2003 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project involves the design of a process to convert carbon into carbon monoxide and oxygen using solar energy. The project is focused on the San Juan power plant in New Mexico, which is located in a region with a considerable amount of annual sunlight, and is also a sizable contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. It was determined that the total capital investment for this process will be approximately $49 million with a fixed capital investment of $42 million. An annual net profit of $23 million was estimated at a return of investment of about 46%. At this rate, the payout time for the process was determined to be about 1.65yrs with a net present worth of $78.5 million. The carbon dioxide reduction system will be connected to the existing plant via
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Unformatted text preview: pipelines, processing over 277 tons/day of flue gas. The flue will be fed to a separation system which treats the flue gas for impurities and separates 120tons/day of 99% pure carbon dioxide for reduction. The pure carbon dioxide product is directed to an array of solar reactors where it is converted to carbon monoxide and oxygen. Based on a ten hour day, approximately 3.8 tons/day of carbon monoxide and 1.76 tons/day of oxygen are obtained. The process reduces the power plant’s CO 2 emissions by 0.3% The possibility of the carbon dioxide reduction system was also considered for alteration of the Martian atmosphere. It is concluded that solar reduction of CO 2 would not be an affective tool for altering the Martian atmosphere. It is, however, a possibility for long-term manned missions because it could supply O 2 to support a local contained habitat, and supply a CO as fuel....
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