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Transportation of Natural Gas Using Liquid Carriers at Ambient Temperature Ben Thompson Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to determine whether an existing method of natural gas storage could be used as a transportation method across oceans. This analysis is compared to the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) transportation method in order to evaluate whether it could compete as a valid method. The search for a competing method of natural gas transportation was the driving force behind this research. Additional initial research into the lack of ASME codes for carbon fiber reinforced piping, use of additives to increase methane dissolution in propane, the use of other solvents as liquid carriers, and the costs associated with loading and unloading of the mixture was performed. The analysis used information from the patent “High-Energy Density Storage of Natural Gas at Moderate Temperatures” developed by Dr. Roger G. Mallinson, Dr. Kenneth E. Starling, and Dr. Jeffrey H. Harwell at the University of Oklahoma.
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