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Tocopherol-Abstract - Production of-tocopherol Rich...

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Production of γ -tocopherol Rich Mixtures By Jessica John Sam VanGordon Justin Sneed
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2 Executive Summary The primary focus of this project is to analyze the methods available for processing soybean oil deodorizer distillate, SODD, to produce various concentrations of tocopherol mixtures for vitamin E dietary supplement uses. An enzymatic distillation process utilizing Candida rugosa lipase process SODD to produce an α -rich tocopherol mixture currently sold on the market. The plant will have the capacity to produce 16,500 kg/day of an α -rich tocopherol mixture. The α -rich tocopherol mixture will be processed by column chromatography, in order to produce γ - δ -rich tocopherol, and 99.9% pure γ - tocopherol. The plant will be capable of producing 1,000kg/yr of pure γ -tocopherol, and 15,100 kg/yr of γ - δ -tocopherol mixture. The quantity of γ - δ and γ -tocopherol produced may be varied as sales prices fluctuate. In order to determine the profitability of producing pure γ -tocopherol, five plant designs were considered.
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