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Toothpaste-Abstract - Anti-Cavity Toothpaste Project...

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Anti-Cavity Toothpaste Project Executive Summary Bonnie Grider and Michele Johnson The goal of this project is to discover an agent that will prevent the occurrence of cavities and to determine its profitability. A variety of substances were discovered based upon peer-review research that either kill or inhibit the virulence factors of Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that causes cavities. After our analysis, Pinot Noir grape pomace phenolyic extracts were determined to be the cheapest and most effective option for our active ingredient. The phenolyic extract was determined to inhibit the virulence factors of S. mutans by inhibiting its plaque production and its tolerance in acidic conditions. Consumer surveys were distributed to people in order to gauge preferences for eight different qualities of toothpaste. The results of the survey were used to determine the optimal toothpaste product for our consumers. This satisfaction rating was used to rank our toothpaste along with competitor anti-cavity toothpastes. The function, price,
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