feb 16 - Chapter 7 *The Skull is divided into 2 parts; the...

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Chapter 7 *The Skull is divided into 2 parts; the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton . I. The axial skeleton -eighty bones segregated into three regions A.skull B.vertebral column C.bony thorax A. SKULL - subdivided into 2 parts: cranial and facial 1.)Cranial bones : most complex bony structure is formed by the cranium and facial bones cranium protects the brain and site of attachment for head and neck there are 8 cranial bones a.)2 parietal- forms most of the superior and lateral aspects of the skull. b.)2 temporal- divided into 4 major regions- squamous, tympanic, mastoid and petrous. Inferior lateral bone of the cranium. c.)frontal bone- forms anterior portion of the cranium. d.)Occipital- forms most of skulls posterior wall and base e.)sphenoid and- forms floor of the cranium f.)ethmoid- most deep of the skull bones; lies between the sphenoid and nasal bone. Forms most of the bony area between the nasal cavity and the orbits. *wormian bones- tiny irregularly shaped bones thats appear in the sutures of the cranium. 2.) Facial bones: 14 bones of which only the mandible and vomer are unpaired. The paired bones are the maxillae, automatics a.)mandible- (lower jawbone) is the largest, strongest bone of the face. b.)Maxilla- fused bones that make up the upper jaw and the central portion of the facial skeleton. Facial keystone bones that articulate with all other facial bones except the mandible. (zygomatic process) c.)zygomatic- irregularly shaped bones (cheek bones) that form the prominences of the cheeks. d.)nasal cavity- constructed of bone and hyaline cartilage. Form bridge of nose.
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feb 16 - Chapter 7 *The Skull is divided into 2 parts; the...

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