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muscles - -small motor unit in muscles that control fine...

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Contraction doesnt always shorten a whole muscle: -Isometric contraction - no shortening; muscle tension increases but does not exceed the load -Isotonic - muscle shortens because muscle tension exceeds the load. a.concentric- shorttens and does work b. the muscles contract as it lengthens Motor unit: The Nerve -Muscle Funtional unit -Motor unit= a motor neuron and all (four to several hundred) muscle fibers it supplies
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Unformatted text preview: -small motor unit in muscles that control fine movements (fingers, eyes)-large motor units in large weight-bearing muscles (thighs, hips) Latent period: events of EC coupling Period of contraction: cross bridge formation—myosin head attachments period of relaxation: tension reclines to zero. ---goes back to covering the whole respones are graded by...
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