April 7- Chapter 6 - Rome/ Italia founded ca 753 bce Kings...

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Rome/ Italia founded ca 753 bce Kings ca 509 bce. Res publica until 486 bce single rule from 31bce Republic oligarchy patria communis- father land, home for the people/republic constitution/convention: constitution is not written down. They maintain government on convention/tradition. Hegemony: power through consensus; bulk of people have no involvement. glory/serve: glory is gain through service for your country patriotism: patriot is someone who serves their country Religion and Government observed/tangible: if you outwardly observe religion there are tangible benefits. There are physical benefits even if you just claim to be religious. Fear of devine/ moral: devine retribution leads to moral behavior. Why ancients introduced gods: invisible terrors make the people behave; “invisible terrors” War reputation/power: people who serve gain a reputation which leads to more power. to victims: rome will be called greatest robbers of the world; theives; product of everything tht “robbers” came before them exploitive: known of exploited power. decision/war fight: whoever suggests it, they lead the fight. Perception: create perception that they're dangerous so that you wont want to fight with them ruthless retaliation: if anyone stands against them, they will destroy them. Submission: if you submit, you will live. Only way you survive. It may be slavery, but its the only way you can survive. Basic Beginnings farmers story, Mars: river, tiber Mars began as the god of agriculture, but promoted to being the god of war. Also concerns a temple merchant, who misbehaved, wasnt a vigin so they trough her into the river tyger. Mars wanted her, saved/raped her. Got pregnant and had twins romulus and ramus. Mars doesnt want babys, he put them in a basket and sends them down the river. A she wolf saves them and suckles them. The shall absorb the nature of a wolf. A “predator”. Romulous is serious. Ramus is a “goof”. Romulous says dont get in my terriotory. Ramus thought it was fun, goes and jumps back and forth over the border. Romulous kills ramus.
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Patricians land: wealthiest; had lots of land; a lot of terriotory. Majority power but minority group. Less than 10% elite few in control Roman Senate only inherit the senate position hold the position for life make laws declare war, no king. Power is hands of the senate. Plebians
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April 7- Chapter 6 - Rome/ Italia founded ca 753 bce Kings...

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