March 3- Iliad - March 3, 2010 The Iliad by Homer Story of...

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March 3, 2010 The Iliad by Homer Story of a War -not glorified; war is not glorified or sentimentilized. or sentimentalize -harsh reality; harsh reality of humanity; dont see it to establish anything. -eragon (greek): think of war as work. Eragon means work. -violence -terrible beauty; not something to look upon and wonder; its terrible. -resources of endurane; Mena are tired, hungry and wounded. courage- push through the hard. self sacrifice Scenes of battle -people/choices; stand as a group. Encounter people and problems and mistakes they make. -from this= her; not born a hero, ot a given, not always a hero. You can make idiotic decision and then really great one but it takes an active decision to be a hero. -courage/nobility; highest character -defining actions (3pts) three things make a hero; based upon something they have consciously done, thinking of others 1.) someone who thinks of others; selfless 2.) when someone trys to think of the big picture, put things in perspective. How their actions impact the people and events 3.) when someone considers each person to posess value; everyone is important. -calling out of humanity : do you choose to be an idiot, coose to be good? Everyone has the is a choice capacity to think beyond themselves. Views of Iliad -plato; -alexander the great; loved the Iliad, even went to the land where troy used to be so he could walk in the footsteps of hector; he admired hector; battle strategy. Acheans: -Agamemnon- lead the Acheans; king of kings. Take from others -clytemnesta (wife)- spartan woman. Tough woman. Product of her environment. -Menelous- brother of agamemnon; king of sparta; not a good fighter. Needs to be kept in the back so we can keep an eye on him. -helen- sister to clytenestra; wife of menelous. From sparta. Similar to her sister in temperment. Is a bitch and she loves it. -Odysseus- king of Ithica -penelope- odysseus, wife; of sparta; first cousins of helen and clytemestra; often portrayed as perfect greek woman; sneaky; acts nice but still gets what she wants. -Achilles- mercenary; killer for pay; cold; distant and prone to terrib;e temper tantrums; fighter; scary;
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March 3- Iliad - March 3, 2010 The Iliad by Homer Story of...

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