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Test 3 Review - What did the greeks introduce to the judicial system? - Explain Slavery & the Greeks - Identify common points of all greek city states - Identify what they do to remain independent/separate from each other - What are the reason they might unify? - Identify the Homoioi - How does one come to serve on the ecclessa/ the aasembly? - What qualifications are in place to be an athenian citizen? - Define Demos Kratos - What do Greeks mean when the say “anarchy”? - Identify the method of early greek philosophers -Define Humanistic Philosophy
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Unformatted text preview: - According to Socrates, What is the most important thing?- Explain Plato's theory on reality (2)- Why did Plato dislike the work of Homer?- Define symmetry, according to the classical idea- Define Humanism- Explain the greek concept of beauty- Know the chronological order of those columns Essay Question : • Identify qualities the greeks claim that makes someonea hero • List two examples from lecture of people fitting qualities of a hero and prove why they are heros • is the greek's idea of Heroism still good today in your opinion?...
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