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Unformatted text preview: EXERCISE 3 Know the equations for photosynthesis and respiration in plants Which of these pathways occurs at all times? Which of these pathways only occurs when plants are exposed to light? Know what happens to CD1 levels when plants are in the dark and when they are exposed to light. What genus of plant was used in this experiment? What is the purpose of the beaker of water that is placed between the light source and the leaves? Know the theory behind and procedure for paper chromatography What molecules were separated using this technique? What two factors affect the distance that these molecules trayeled? What genus of plant was used in this experiment? Know how to read the graph from the absorption spectrum for the different pign1ents Know the genus of the yariegated plant used in Part B of the experiment Know the names and colors of the pigments found in the leaves of this plant Which of these pigments is water soluble? Which is alcohol soluble? What chemical was used as an indirect indicator that photosynthesis had taken place in a particular area of the leaf? What color is seen when this chemical reacts with starch? What areas of the leaf showed the presence of starch {e.g. which areas carried out photosynthesis]? ...
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