What are the four main types of pest management what

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Unformatted text preview: d the economic threshold? What are the four main types of pest management? What is IPM? What are the three main types of chemical control? What are advantages and disadvantages of each? What is a non-target effect? What are the four main ways in which insects evolve resistance to pesticides? What are pros and cons of the use of transgenic crops for pest control? What is the “halo effect”? What is biological control? What makes a successful biological control agent? What are the advantages and disadvantages of biological relative to other means of control? What are some examples of non-target effects? How is pest control practiced on organic farms? The pollination crisis Why do bees make such good pollinators? Why do eusocial bees make especially effective pollinators? Why are researchers concerned about the pollination crisis? What is colony collapse disorder? What factors are believed to underlie this problem? What are some reasons why native pollinators are in decline? Insects in a changing climate What are some general ways in which insects m...
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