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What is virulence what is the difference between a

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Unformatted text preview: make good vectors? What is virulence? What is the difference between a horizontally transmitted and a vertically transmitted disease? Why do these forms of transmission often differ in their virulence? What do parasites to manipulate vectors? What do vectors do manipulate parasites? What are some examples of blood-sucking insects? How do scientists know that humans and malaria share an evolutionary history with one another? Why has malaria recently resurged in some parts of the world? What are the main factors that affect malaria epidemiology? What is an arbovirus? What are examples of flaviviruses? Why has dengue fever recently resurged in some parts of the world? Why is this disease a bigger public health threat now than it was 40 years ago? Regarding other insect-borne diseases, what are the vectors and main public health risks? Study guide for BIEB 128 Final – Fall 2010 (continued) Pest management I & II What is an insect pest? How do insects become pests? With respect to pest management, what is the difference between economic injury level an...
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