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Study guide for BIEB 128 Midterm 1 – Fall 2010 Insect diversity (note that this topic spans 3 lectures) – Why are insects so diverse? – Know at least one diagnostic characteristic of each order (for the 21 common insect orders) as well as their Latin and English names + developmental syndrome of each order Systematic relationships – Know synapomorphies of the Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Insecta – What are the Entognatha? – What are the major taxonomic groupings within the insect phylogeny? Why are the Entopterygota believed to be so diverse and abundant? Internal and external morphology Morphology and key properties of the insect cuticle Do exoskeletons set an upper limit on insect body size? – Know the insect hexapod tagma. – What does hemolymph do? – How do insects meet oxygen demands necessary to sustain metabolically expensive activities (e.g., flight)? – How do insects breathe underwater?
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