launch - LogonTicketType=CTXS1 LongCommandLine= NRWD=31...

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[Encoding] InputEncoding=UTF8 I [WFClient] CPMAllowed=On ProxyFavorIEConnectionSetting=Yes ProxyTimeout=30000 ProxyType=Auto ProxyUseFQDN=Off RemoveICAFile=yes TransparentKeyPassthrough=Local TransportReconnectEnabled=On VSLAllowed=On Version=2 VirtualCOMPortEmulation=Off V [ApplicationServers] Matlab R2010b= M [Matlab R2010b] Address= AutologonAllowed=ON BrowserProtocol=HTTPonTCP CGPAddress=*:2598 ClearPassword=F9E92D7C1A80DD ClientAudio=Off DesiredColor=8 DesiredHRES=1024 DesiredVRES=768 DoNotUseDefaultCSL=On Domain=\9DF560234D0D76EF FontSmoothingType=0 InitialProgram=#Matlab R2010b LPWD=0 LaunchReference=jXBc0Q7vUdqju0niJgTHDTh+vxZgkoDo2xx12pSm5fA= Launcher=WI LocHttpBrowserAddress=! LogonTicket=F9E92D7C1A80DD9DF560234D0D76EF
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Unformatted text preview: LogonTicketType=CTXS1 LongCommandLine= NRWD=31 ProxyTimeout=30000 ProxyType=Auto SFRAllowed=Off SSLEnable=Off SessionsharingKey=-JIXB9PtHKG9JzwEO5vsgxB StartIFDCD=1299611870242 StartSCD=1299611870242 TRWD=0 TWIMode=On Title=Matlab R2010b TransportDriver=TCP/IP UILocale=en WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0 W [Compress] DriverNameWin16=pdcompw.dll DriverNameWin32=pdcompn.dll D [EncRC5-0] DriverNameWin16=pdc0w.dll DriverNameWin32=pdc0n.dll D [EncRC5-128] DriverNameWin16=pdc128w.dll DriverNameWin32=pdc128n.dll D [EncRC5-40] DriverNameWin16=pdc40w.dll DriverNameWin32=pdc40n.dll D [EncRC5-56] DriverNameWin16=pdc56w.dll DriverNameWin32=pdc56n.dll D...
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launch - LogonTicketType=CTXS1 LongCommandLine= NRWD=31...

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