15.+Polio - Polio Some History Polio is an Ancient Disease...

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Polio Page 1 Polio Some History Polio is an Ancient Disease -- Egyptian Hieroglyphics depict Individuals with characteristic withered Arms and Legs -- but Polio did not become an Epidemic Disease until the early 20th Century. • First Epidemics: Scotland (1898), Sweden (1911), US (1916) - Paradoxically, these Polio Epidemics were associated with improved Sanitation In Underdeveloped Areas - Infants are raised under shockingly unsanitary Conditions - Infants will contract Polio from ingesting another Infant ʼ s Feces. • But the Infection rarely progressed beyond Asymptomatic Polio or Abortive Polio Infection - And these Infants still have Maternal Antibodies • Polio in most of these of Infants exhibits Cold-like Symptoms - The Risk of Paralytic Polio increases with Age - Infants will almost always recover from a Polio Infection • And they will have Life-long Immunity In Developed Areas - Infants are raised under Sanitary -- almost Sterile -- Conditions - Infants will not contract Polio. • And they will have no Immunity to Polio - Children can contract Polio during their School Years • The Infection frequently progressed to Paralytic Polio • The Chances of Paralysis are much greater in older Children. - Adolescents are 10 Times more likely to develop Paralytic Polio than Infants Karl Landsteiner (1908) • Demonstrated that Polio is caused by a Virus • Researchers initially though Polio Virus was similar to Rabiesvirus (it isn ʼ t) - And that Polio was a Central Nervous System Virus (it isn ʼ t) - And that it does not produce Viremia [G= virus [in the] Blood] (it does)
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Polio Page 2 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (1932-1937) • The NFIP -- the largest privately funded Program to abolish an Infectious Disease -- arose from the Illness of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. • FDR caught Polio after a Day of Canoeing and Swimming at his Summer Home on Campobello Island (New Brunswick) on 10 August 1921. - FDR wrote -- I first had a chill in the evening which lasted practically all night. The following morning the muscles of the right knee appeared weak and by afternoon I was unable to support my weight on my right leg. That evening the left knee began to weaken also and by the following morning I was unable to stand up. This was accompanied by a continuing temperature of about 102 and I felt thoroughly achy all over. By the end of the third day practically all muscles from the chest down were involved. Above the chest the only symptom was a weakening of the two large thumb muscles making it impossible to write. There was no special pain along the spine and no rigidity of the neck. • Roosevelt lapsed into deep Mental Depression He bought the Houseboat Larooco and isolated himself with a few Friends -- particularly Eleanor ʼ s Secretary, Lucy Mercer -- off the Coast of Florida. FDR heard about the “Hydrotherapy” offered at Warm Springs, Georgia. This involved Swimming Exercises in the 88-90° (F) Waters gushing from Geothermal Springs. • In 1926, he bought the Meriwether Hotel, remodeled it with his own
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15.+Polio - Polio Some History Polio is an Ancient Disease...

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