Assignment Two - Assignment Two You will find three...

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Assignment Two You will find three assignments on the following pages worth a total of 50 points. Make sure you do all three assignments. Refer to the submission instructions on assignment one if you have forgotten how to submit the assignment. Learning Styles Assignment 1) (worth 6 pts.) Rate the following sentences in regards to how they apply to you using this scale. Make sure you include your ratings in your submission box answers: Often Sometimes Seldom 5………4………3……… 2………1 1. I will learn new information better if I read it silently. _____5___ 2. I learn new material better by looking at diagrams, illustrations, _____1___ pictures, charts, etc. 3. I like to write things down and take lots of notes for visual review. _____5___ 4. Talking about a subject to someone helps me to clarify my own ideas. __3______ 5. I enjoy working with tools or equipment. ____2____ 6. I prefer to read the newspaper rather than listen to the new on the _____2___ radio. 7. I will learn new material better if I listen to a verbal explanation ___3_____ or lecture. 8. I learn best if I picture things in my head. ___4_____ 9. I follow written directions better than oral directions. ___3_____ 10. I am skilled with and enjoy making graphs and charts. _1_______ 11. I prefer to listen to the news on the radio rather than read the ___3_____ newspaper. 12. I like to use a map when locating a new place or street. ____5____ 13. Reading aloud usually increases my comprehension. _____1___ 14. I read notes many times before a test for visual review. ____5____ 15. I like to “doodle” during meetings or lecture. _____1___ 16. Before making something, I usually picture the completed _____2___ object in my mind. 17. I like to use flashcards when studying to remember new _____2___ terminology. 18. When unsure of how to spell a word, I write it or type it different ___2_____ ways to see what looks right. 19. I remember landmarks or scenery when driving. ___3_____ 20. I remember best by listening to tapes or lectures. ___3_____ 21. I can usually tell if a word is spelled correctly by looking at it. ___3_____ 22. I find it easy to manipulate images in my mind and change their ____2____ size, shape, position, or direction. 23. I require explanations of diagrams, graphs, or visual explanations. ___4_____ 24. I learn new material better if I can have a “hands on” experience, ___3_____ manipulating models or doing labs. 2) (worth 4 pts.) Write your scores under the following columns, total each column and then write your totals next to the preference scores: Visual/Verbal Visual/Nonverbal Auditory Kinesthetic
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Sent# Pts Sent# Pts Sent# Pts Sent# Pts. 1.5 2.1 4.3 3.5 6.2 8.4 7.3 5.2 9.3 12.5 11.3 10.1 14.5 16.2 13.1 15.1 17.2 19.3 20.3 18.2 21.3 22.2 23.4 24.3 TOTAL __20___ TOTAL __17___ TOTAL __17____ TOTAL _14____ Visual/Verbal Score ___20_____ Visual/Nonverbal Score __17______ Auditory Score ___17_____ Tactile/Kinesthetic Score__14______ 3) (worth 5 pts.) Read the following summaries of the various learning styles. You will
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Assignment Two - Assignment Two You will find three...

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