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Assignment 4 You will find three assignments on the following pages worth a total of 50 points. Make sure you do all three assignments. Refer to the submission instructions on assignment one if you have forgotten how to submit the assignment. Personality Assignment 1) (worth 8 pts.) From pages 411 and 412 of your textbook, answer the following questions about personality tests. a. What is an objective test? Objective tests are personality inventories. These assessments are considered objective because they do not involve the subjective judgments of an interviewing or observing psychologist, as in direct interviews and behavioral observation. These assessments are usually designs as multiple- choice or true or false format questionnaires. Individual’s test results are compared with standardized data to assess personality. b. What are the two types of objective tests listed in the textbook and how do they work? They are MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and MBTI (Myers- Briggs Type Indicator) MMPI-2 : it can accurately assess personality traits associated with particular mental disorders (Grb, 2003; Kubisyzn et al.2000). The inventory is composed of more than 500 items in the form of true /false statements. Although these are not actual items from the MMPI-2, they give you an idea of the inventory. The MMPI-2 has 10 scales are hypochondriasis, depression, hysteria, psychopathic deviate, masculinity/ femininity, paranoia, psychasthenia, schizophrenia, mania, and social introversion. Other aspects of personality the MMPI evaluates are alienation from self, alienation from others, ego inflation, shyness, addiction potential,
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responsibility, level of motivation, self-doubt, family discord, fears, cynicism, and inability to disclose (Schultz and Schultz, 2005). Whereas the MMPI-2 is an instrument that is designed to assess pathology, the MBTI is often used with normal populations, such as college students, to help them choose majors and develop career goals. The MBTI has four personality dimensions, which combine to create 16 personality types. The four dimensions are introversion-extroversion, intuitivesensing, judging- perceiving, and thinking-feeling c. What is a projective test? Projective tests allow the test taker to assign meaning to pictures such as ambiguous scenes or inkblots. After viewing the stimulus, the test taker assigns or projects meaning onto the image. The idea behind the projective test is that the meaning projected onto the object yields insight into the personality traits and possible psychopathology of the test taker. This assumption is known as the projective hypothesis. From the psychodynamic perspective, these instruments are thought to reveal unconscious conflicts or wishes of the examinee that are not accessible through direct questioning or any other personality assessment instrument. d. What are the two types of projective tests listed in the textbook and how
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Assignment 4 1 - Assignment 4 You will find three...

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