Mid-Term Exam #1-Summer 2006-ADMS 1500 posted solutions

Mid-Term Exam #1-Summer 2006-ADMS 1500 posted solutions -...

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York University - Atkinson Faculty School of Administrative Studies AK/ADMS 1500 A – Summer 2006 An Introduction to Accounting: The Analysis and Use of Financial Information First Mid-Term Examination 6.15 p.m. Sunday 28 th May, 2006, in Room 129, York Hall, Glendon College Course Director: Paul Evans INSTRUCTIONS 1) Do not open this exam or start writing until told to do so. 2) All bags and course materials must be placed at the side, front or back of the room. 3) Please have on your desk your York card or photo id and your York sessional validation card. 4) You may not talk in the exam room between 6.15 p.m. and 7.15 p.m. 5) Answer all questions on the Scantron sheet provided, use an HB pencil to enter your selection for each of the 25 questions. 6) Marks will be available as soon as possible, hopefully within 2 days of the exam, on the course website. 7) Please keep this exam question paper as it will be required for the class discussion after the break following the exam. 8) Students may not leave their seats during the last 15 minutes of the exam. 9) If you have any questions during the exam raise your hand. 10) Simple calculators without text memory are permitted. 11) Dictionaries, including electronic dictionaries, are permitted provided that they do not contain additional text or handwriting. 12) Where you believe that there is more than one alternative solution, select the most common. Where the exact solution is not available choose the one closest. Only select “none of the above” if there is not something close. If you are writing this exam as a deferred exam or for future consideration you should indicate "Deferred Exam" or "For Future Consideration" on your Scantron answer sheet. Make sure that you have written and filled in bubbles for your student number and name on the Scantron sheet. Also, please complete the personal information area for which no bubbles are provided. The take-up will be after the exam in the same room as the exam. It will commence at 7.30 p.m.
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Remember that you must use only pencil on the Scantron sheets. Always complete your personal information both in the bubbles and at the top. Remember to put in your student number starting in the first column. Check that it is correct and do not leave any spaces. You have to complete the entire exam in one hour. This translates into one question every 2.4 minutes. Any written calculations must be done on your exam question paper. It is suggested that you circle the answer you give to each question so that you are able to calculate your score at the end of the take-up. 1.
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Mid-Term Exam #1-Summer 2006-ADMS 1500 posted solutions -...

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