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Anita Luna Unit 4 1) The majority of earthquakes occur along the pacific coast. 2) I found no seismic activity near my home. The closest earthquake was marked in yellow outlining it was recorded sometime in the last week. This earthquake was recorded in Tennessee. Living in the Midwest we do not have much seismic activity especially compared to the pacific coast/California. 3) There is a huge cluster of earthquakes in the pacific coast area surrounding California. This cluster led me to the conclusion that the earthquake activity in the United States revolves primarily around California. 4) ci10986517, is the event I located in the midst of all the activity in southern California. It had a magnitude of 1.0. 5) I would not be willing to live in or near one of the red areas. These earthquakes recorded in red have happened in the last hour and many of them never reach beyond 2.0 in magnitude. The red areas are flooded with other earthquakes recorded in the last week.
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Unformatted text preview: I am not eager to live near an area with high numbers of earthquake activity. 6) This is a great source of information for precautionary procedures after an earthquake. This information may help my family prevent an injury. 7) 5/12/2008 China and 01/12/2010 Haiti are the most recent earthquakes on this list. They were both recorded as a magnitude of at least a 7.0. They equally had death ratios on extreme magnitudes. By the notion of this we can see that science has a long way to go before ever reaching a level of superiority to prevent such magnitude of causalities. It’s unfortunate that we are unable to predict such catastrophic events. 8) As of today we are yet able to predict earthquakes but are able to detect “rumbles” under the earth’s dirt with seismic graphs. WE can also use what is called triangulation to see or pinpoint where an earthquake has originated based on the seismic activity recorded on seismogram. 9)...
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