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WEIRDO W (wish, want *persuading someone) querer(ie) (to want) esperar (to hope, wait for, expect) desear (to desire, wish) E (emotion) alegrarse de (to be happy) entristecerse (to be sad) asustarse (to be scared) sorprenderse (to be surprised) gustar (to like) preferir (ie,i) (to prefer) sentir/se (ie,i) (to regret/feel) encantar (to love) enojarse (to be angry) enfurecerse (to be furious) molestar (to bother/annoy) fastidiar (to bother/annoy) quejarse de (to complain) estar (adj. of emotion) de I (impersonal expressions, *indirect commands) es agradable que (it is nice that) es raro que (it is weird that) es mejor/peor que (it’s better/worse that) es curioso que (it is curious that) es probable que (it is probable that) es increíble que (it is incredible that) es una lástima que (it’s a shame that) es estupendo que (it’s great that) es forzoso que (it’s necessary that) es imprescindible que (it’s necessary that) es vergonzoso que (it’s a disgrace that)
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