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Garrett Barnes HW 9-11-09 2,5,8,16 2. Area is increasing because there will always be jobs available in big cities wherever you go and they need more space so space gets built and so there is always extra. 5. Community Center- 30.000 to 100,000 sq ft. Drawing power may be 5-10miles. Regional Mall- 400,000 sq ft. Drawing is 15-25 miles. Super Regional Mall- 800,000 sq ft. Drawing of 25-35 miles. 8. Base rent- a fixed rent charged per period usually expressed as a function of the square feet occupied Percentage rent- There will be a break point within all leases for
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Unformatted text preview: tenants that pay percentage rents in terms of monthly sales above which the tenant must pay a percentage of the gross sales Anchor- draw business into a multiple-tenant retail development pay only a base rent How Percentage works- It is the percentage rent that really makes retail developments profitable, while base rents merely support the capital structure underlying the property 16. Amazon.com, J.C.Penney and Sears, The Gap, L.L.Bean, Lands’ End, Victoria’s Secret...
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