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Garrett Barnes HW Chapt 9 2,4,9,12,13 2. The win-win approach to negotiation is also known as principled negotiation, ally approach, mutual gains approach and cooperative methods. Assumptions made while using the approach are. (1) future deals are as important of even more important than the current deal. (2) each party is logical as defined by objective thinking patterns (3) Interest based bargaining is given preference over positional bargaining. 4. Confident ad self assured negotiators may demonstrate some of the following traits. Firm handshake, direct eye contact, patient voice, no unnecessary movement
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Risk shifting is accomplished be contractual arrangements which shift risk from one party to another. 12. No, ethics vary by country, religion, and time. There are few universal ethics. 13. An agent claiming to be ther procuring cause of a sale when in fact she was incedental to the transaction, at best. Keeping an expired listing contract in the multiple listing service in order to attract new potential buyers. Revealing confidential information from the seller or buyer with respect to the lowest highest acceptable price in the processs of single agency negotiations....
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