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Study Sheet for Chapter 1 - Atoms, Molecules and Ions The student must be able to 1 - . Write the chemical symbols of the first 36 elements plus each of the following: antimony lead mercury silver platinum gold tin tungsten xenon cadmium iodine barium 2 - For the elements listed in #2 above, be able to go from the chemical symbol to write (and correctly spell) their English name. 3 - Distinguish between chemical and physical properties of substances. 4 - Recognize and predict the general physical properties of elements from their location on the Periodic Chart. 5 - Know the following prefixes for SI units. giga (G), meta (M), kilo (k), deci (d), centi (c), milli (m), micro ( m ), nano (n), and pico (p) and how to use the above as multipliers of the fundamental SI units of measurements. 6 - Know how to convert between the three commonly used temperature scales, that is, F
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