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Chapt 2 study guide - Study Sheet for Chapter 2 Atoms...

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Study Sheet for Chapter 2 - Atoms, Molecules and Ions The student must be able to 1. Recognize and explain the postulates of Dalton's Atomic theory. 2. State and use the law of definite proportions; the law of multiple proportions. Be able to verbally distinguish between these two laws. 3. State and explain the law of conservation of mass. 4. Write one or two paragraphs that correct describe the nature of an atom; in your discussion, include the properties of the three fundamental particles that make up the atom. Show the relationship between these particles within the atom. 5. Write the nuclear symbol for a specific isotope of an element given its atomic number and atomic mass. 6. Write a paragraph which explains what is meant by a covalent bond; an ionic bond. Contrast the two types of bonding. 7. Recognize or predict the general physical properties of elements from their location on the Periodic Chart.
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