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Study Sheet for Chapter 3 - Mass Relations, Stoichiometry The student must be able to 1. Balance Chemical Equations by inspection as discussed in class. 2. Convert readily between the number of moles, mass, and the number of particles for a given element. Recognize the importance of the mole or Avogadro’s number as the way chemists ‘count’ atoms and/or molecules. 3. Given the molecular formula of a compound, be able to calculate the molecular mass of that substance. 4. For a compound such as described in 3, be able to calculate the mass percent of each element in the compound. 5. Given the mass percent compositions of various elements in a compound, be able to calculate the simplest or empirical formula of that compound. If the molecular mass is known or given, be able to calculate the molecular formula for the compound. 6. Explain what is meant by a chemical equation. Identify the products and reactants. 7. Use the balanced chemical equation to calculate the mass of the products produced, assuming sufficient
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