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Chapt 4 study guide - Study Sheet for Chapter 4 Reactions...

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Study Sheet for Chapter 4 – Reactions in Aqueous Solutions The student must be able to 1. Describe the behavior of water as a common solvent. Draw a structure of a water molecule, showing its dipole nature. 2. Distinguish between strong electrolytes, weak electrolytes, and non- electrolytes. 3. Calculate the concentration of a solution in terms of the molarity of the solutes and ions in solution. Solve problems that involve the dilution of a solution to result in a solution of lesser concentration. 4. Know and know how to use the Rules of Solubility as given in class to predict whether an ionic compound is soluble in water. Also use these rules to predict the identities of the resulting ions in aqueous solutions. 5. Recognize and know the strong acids and strong bases listed in Table 4.1. 6. Note the distinctions between precipitation reactions, reduction-
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