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Study Sheet for Chapter 6 - Ionic Bonds The student must be able to 1. Write the electronic configurations for common monoatomic ions with Z = 1 - 36. 2. Relate the periodic trends shown by each of the following quantities: ionic radii, ionization energy (potential), electron affinity. 3. Explain how "ionic bonds" form. 4. Describe the physical and chemical properties of the alkali metals (Group
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Unformatted text preview: 1A). 5. Describe the uses and production of the alkali metals. 6. Describe the chemical reactions of the alkali metals. 7. Objectives 5 - 7 for the alkaline earth metals (Group 2A); Group 3A. 8. Objectives 5 - 7 for the Halogens (Group 7A) 9. Objectives 5 - 7 for the Noble Gases (Group 8A) Important words/phrases: electron affinity, ionization energy (potential), ionic bond, octet rule,...
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