Chapt 1 HW - Chapt 1 HW Garrett Barnes 1 How does...

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Chapt 1 HW Garrett Barnes 1. How does international business differ from domestic business? Explain how the risks of doing business internationally differ from doing business at home. What factors influence that risk: How do the risks of importing or exporting differ from those of licensing intellectual property or of building a factory abroad? International business is more based on virgin markets as with domestic you have to fight over market share. With risk, At home you understand what your business is, as with international you have to understand the world as a business and it makes it harder. So with importing and exporting the risk would be not understanding the country rules, and staying away from terrorist. 2. Define Tariffs and list the four reasons they may be imposed. Tariffs – import duties or taxes imposed on goods entering the customs territory or a nation. The failure of china to safeguard American copyrights on films. Chinese made clothes sold in America. All foreign made items sold in America.
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Chapt 1 HW - Chapt 1 HW Garrett Barnes 1 How does...

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