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Chapt 8 HW - Garrett Barnes Chapter 8 1 Compare and...

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Garrett Barnes Chapter 8 1. Compare and contrast the Treaty power in the Constitution with a Congressional- Executive Agreement. To act as a treaty, you need legislative decision with the president. Congressional power is the presidents power over foreign affairs p 262: On what grounds did Justice Black reject President Truman's seizure order? How did Justice Jackson's concurring opinion in the Youngstown court opinion describe the various sources and strengths of presidential power? (hint: there are 3) there is no statue that expressly authorizes the President to take possession of property as he did, nor is there any act of Congress to which our attention has been directed from which such a power can be implied. (3) Forces has the ultimate power as such to take possession of private property in order to keep labor disputes from stopping production. This is a job for the nations law makers, nor for its military authorities. Nor can the seizure oreder be sustained because of the several constitutional
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