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Garrett Barnes Chapter 20 1. Compare and contrast the legal and philosophical differences affecting employee participation in employer decisions in the United States and Germany. The US view- Notwithstanding legislative initiates such as the Worker Adjustment, Retraining, and Notification Act-which at times requires a company to give 60 days notice of plans to close a plant with more than 100 employees- US companies come form an environment that allows owners great flexibility. In the US, management decides and labor carries out those decisions at an agreed hourly rate. The US Supreme Court has squarely held that an employer need not bargain with its employees over whether to shut down part of its business. An employer has the absolute right to terminate his entire business for any reason he pleases. Germany- The law in many continental countries grants workers a right of consultation about or notice before the implementation of decisions resulting in workforce reductions. Each plant with more than 5 employees must have a works council
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