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International business/ Dr. Collins 19/01/2010 09:16:00 Chapter 1 International Business Laws Languages Customs Political worries Protectionist-----------------------(US)---Trade Put protection up against trade, happens during recession, raises prices of  everything  Commitment Stay around after you sell your product and do your business, stay around  and maintain your product Main ways of international business Trade o Least risk o Importing o Exporting- Absolute advantage-use all you can, trade the rest;  Comparative advantage- if every country would do this, everybody  would have a trade deficit o Direct- have somebody in your firm that already can import/export o Indirect - hire somebody to help you import/export o Tariff- tax on product going from country to country o Non tariff barrier- all others besides tax  o
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Notes - Internationalbusiness/Dr.Collins 19/01/201009:16:00...

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