U.S. vs Mexico <Brief

U.S. vs Mexico <Brief - Garrett Barnes Brief Case #2...

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Garrett Barnes Brief Case #2 Prof Collins In the Matter of Cross Border Trucking No. USA-MEX-98-2008-01 (2001) (NAFTA Arbitral Panel Established Pursuant to Article 20) Summary and Facts It takes a 3 step process to move goods between the US and Mexico and is extremely inconvenient for all truckers in the process. The trailer is put in a border town where a drayage company comes and picks it up and moves it across the border, where yet another truck takes it to its destination. This process has to be done because the US has prohibited Mexican trucks from carrying goods through to their US destination for safety reasons. Mexico does not have the same rigorous standards for driver regulation and truck inspections as does the US. The US maintains these regulations because it can only inspect less than 1 percent of the Mexican trucks arriving in the U.S. So, therefore, it will not open its border to Mexican trucking companies until Mexico adopts comprehensive regulatory standard as tough as those in the US.
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U.S. vs Mexico <Brief - Garrett Barnes Brief Case #2...

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