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Garrett Barnes Many things went wrong in this situation at BWW. First and foremost Mike was wrong in everything that he did. He did many things wrong in the whole ordeal. He did not shake hands or introduce himself properly, he did not take care of his customer, and most importantly he did not fulfill his duties as a general manager. This is how the situation SHOULD HAVE been. Cary walks in and asks for Mike, the GM at the time. He should walk up to her, state his name and his position in the restaurant. He then should ask what he can do for her. As Cary explains her story, Mike should be listening attentively while giving eye contact. After she is done, Mike should be doing everything possible to
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Unformatted text preview: make Cary happy. Mike not be able to pay for the medical bills for Kurien, but he can make a refund and then find somebody who can make everything right. He should then call his DM as soon as possible and get this situation over with asap. Mike should have apologized tremendously for what happened and not only gave a refund, but offer a free meal or something that would keep this customer going to BWW and not go across the street to Wingstop. Mike could have done so many things besides just standing there saying “Ok”. He should have had some sympathy for Kurien and find out what he could have done to make it better....
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