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Garrett Barnes Dr. Mills Chat with Executive Day 11-6-09 *Speaker 1 - Gerod Black, Brief Bio - Vice President at J.P. Morgan branch married with 2 sons, originally from Texas, but came to SNU for golf and decided to major in financing. When he came to OKC the very first time, he only knew 2 people and made his way threw college getting friends. SNU’s impact has been huge in his life. Personality is interaction with many people a day. Statement about success - Success is going threw everyday thinking you are going to succeed. The person who is the most resilient will succeed. Advice after graduation is to follow your heart and it is one of the most important thing you can do. “It is not about what you know, but who you know” General Reaction - Good speaker, really enjoyed hearing him. Had an interesting life to talk about in banking. Good eye contact to audience. *Speaker 2 - Brent Askew Brief Bio - From farming and ranching family from Colorado. Working 16 hours a day usually. Applied to SNU just to please parents. Ended up
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Unformatted text preview: graduating in 3 years and with economics major. Went to law school and graduated again in 3 years. Vice President of Sales right now is his job. Works with people who publish magazines to help their sales and profits. Larry Mills was one of his mentors as a young student. Statement about success- Be persistent. It is NOT “Being smart and doing well in school”- his personal opinion about success. His top 3 things to success is 1 ability to get along, 2 finding a mentor, and 3 learning how to sell an idea or concept. It is not about being smart, it is how you get along with people. “Shut up and listen to what people have to say” . You can learn from everybody in life. Use different techniques; SNU is your training ground for success. General Reaction- Very, very good speaker. Knew how to put ideas together very well. Talked about only the important facts. Talked with his hands good....
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