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Garrett Barnes WSJ PP #13 1. Why the BCS Loves your anger, Jason Gay, Dec 7, C3 2. groups, 417 3. Be honest: What would you actually do if you didn't have the ludicrous college-bowl system to complain about? Would you write the very mediocre American novel? Complete that addition to the kitchen? Take your family on a Florida vacation to tranquil Isleworth? Finally fill out that application for the Redskins' head- coaching job? You'd just find something else to drive you insane. And you might miss the amusingly predictable annual screamfest over why college football needs a playoff. College football provocateurs were crushed Saturday when Texas squeaked past Nebraska and avoided sending the Bowl Championship Series into chaos. Instead, they get relative order: No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 2 Texas in the BCS Championship Game, No. 3 Cincinnati against No.
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