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WSJ PP#5 - having to stay all night in a chair just waiting...

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Garrett Barnes WSJ PP #5 1. Sleeping on the Job is political rite in Sacramento (All night sessins mean legislators pack toothbrushes, cologne), by Stu Woo, 10-3-09, A1 2. Consensus, pg 182 3. After 11 years as an elected California official, Abel Maldonado says he has finally figured out how to survive legislative sessions in Sacramento. His secret: Visine and Lil' Wayne. Legislators are going to sleep during all nighters in the Sacramento Capitol. They have to pack toothbrushes, cologne, and overnight stuff just to stay and come to agreement in the decisions. When they start to dose off, the miss important decisions and votes. There needs to be some way they can come to agreement without
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Unformatted text preview: having to stay all night in a chair just waiting for the guy next to them to dose off. Legislators have even gone as far as bringing a guitar along with them and singing songs in the lounge, republicans and democrats alike. 4. A consensus is an agreement by individuals involved in the decision making. The legislators were always making a decisions involving everybody in the room. Some people do not even know what the subject was they are voting on. That is not right. The legislators should have to just stay awake somehow and keep all-nighters away from decisions. 5. Learn how to pay attention when important things are being discussed....
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