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Garrett Barnes WSJ PP #8 1. Federal Jobs, by Sara Murray, 10-24-09, A4 2. Job description, pg 269 3. The federal government's "help wanted" sign is up. The problem, applicants are finding, is getting in the door. More than a quarter- million federal workers are expected to be hired in the next three years, which makes the government attractive to job seekers at a time of 9.8% unemployment and shrinking private payrolls. But the government, it turns out, isn't very good at hiring. Its screening process has been making it hard for applicants, particularly young ones with less work experience and fewer government contacts, to move into federal jobs. And internships, often a direct route to employment in the private sector, rarely yield full-time government positions. Only 7% of government interns are hired, compared with more than 50% in the private sector, according to the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit watchdog group., the
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