WSjPP#9 - Garrett Barnes WSJ PP#9 1 Karzai Rival Won't Participate in Runoff by Yaroslav T and Anand Gopal 2 Avoiding pg 345 3 Afghanistan's

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Garrett Barnes WSJ PP #9 11-2-09 1. Karzai Rival Won't Participate in Runoff, by Yaroslav T and Anand Gopal , 11-1-09 2. Avoiding, pg 345 3. Afghanistan's presidential challenger Abdullah Abdullah said he won't take part in the Nov. 7 runoff election because the vote will be neither fair nor free, handing a victory -- if not a clear mandate to govern -- to incumbent President Hamid Karzai. But it didn't necessarily mean that the runoff, which is likely to spark new Taliban attacks, will be aborted. Mr. Karzai said he wanted to press ahead with the vote that would finally give him a clear majority, even if he ran unopposed. The U.S. and its Western allies that maintain 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, and the United Nations, which played a key role in the elections, view such a second round as an unnecessary waste of money
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