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CP & B - 1 CP Bs Truth campaign targeted the youth...

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1. CP+B’s “Truth” campaign targeted the youth market. What conflicts face this market? Why would the conflicts common to youth make it difficult to produce an influential social marketing campaign? The conflict that faces this market is that it is hard to get out to the young generation of today. You have to be bold and cunning to take down competitors and be on top of your consumers. The youth in today’s society are not worried about companies and future careers, they want what is in front of them, whether it be a video game or a new pair of shoes. What gets the young age attention is flash. They want what is in and they want it fast. CP and B campaign did this for the kids. They made quick commercials and got to the point fast about the truth of tobacco products. Every young person out there knows what “Truth” is because of CP and B. Their advertisements were bold, out of the blue, and very sly in the way they ran their ads. They took the conflicts of the young
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